Labour Tomorrow Invitation to Apply for Grants

Labour Tomorrow is formally inviting grant applications from campaigns, organisations or individuals committed to rebuilding a consensus for a Labour government in the UK.

Labour Tomorrow’s funding committee welcomes applications for any project which seeks to further the aims and values of the Labour Party.  Successful applicants will need to show they can actively contribute to the return of a Labour government.

The Funding Criteria:

All applications must outline:

  1. The project / campaign, background and team responsible for delivery of the project, outcomes and expected impact.
  2. Funding sought including detailed budget, financial oversight and additional streams of funding.
  3. Key Performance Indicators.
  4. Contribution to the wider progressive political landscape.

Guidance on bid applications is available here.

All applications must be made by email and received before the closing date. Applications not received by the closing date will not be considered for this funding round.

The application process.

Applications will be ranked on their effectiveness and submitted to the Labour Tomorrow Funding Committee for consideration.

The Funding Committee will then decide on a shortlist of three projects and nominate the successful project for funding. The short-list and recommendation will be considered by the Labour Tomorrow Board.

Projects will be expected to regularly report progress of the project to Labour Tomorrow.

Grants may be awarded as a single payment or in stages as the project progresses, at the discretion of Labour Tomorrow.

The successful applicant/s will be notified by Labour Tomorrow Director, Nicola Murphy.

Projects supported by Labour Tomorrow will be included in Labour Tomorrow’s Annual Report and published on the Labour Tomorrow website.

Please ensure applications include contact information including contact name, address, mobile and email details and submit applications to:

Closing Date for funding applications is 5pm on Wednesday 14th December 2016.

If you have any questions please contact Nicola Murphy at